Is it too early to start getting excited about autumn?

It is isn’t it.  Sorry.  I promise I won’t mention the C word for at least another month (despite how excited I already am).


So, many of you will be more than half way through the summer holidays.  How has it been?  Have you managed to occupy the kids?  Have you managed to occupy yourselves?  Have you kept working all the way through?  If you answer yes to any of these questions, you probably deserve a little treat.


Pencil cases.  Who doesn’t love a new school bag, pencil case and a trip to Paperchase to buy all new pens, pencils, post it notes and note books?  I am a stationery obsessive and I don’t even mind admitting it.

If you’re a scientific calculator, compass and protractor kind of person (do they even use these in schools any more or is everything done on laptops/ipads now? You can tell I went to school in the 90s) then a larger flat pouch or even a small washbag might be perfect for you to store your treats.


Find them all here, and make the end of summer that little bit more baereable (sorry).