A Blog about Blogs


Hello all.  Hope you’re enjoying the summer so far.  It’s not bad is it?  Here’s hoping for a hot August with as much outside time as possible.  There’s nothing better than taking dinner out into the garden.  The dog must wonder what on earth we’re doing, but to be honest, we wonder that about him all the time.

I had an idea about a series of blog posts that I am keen to write.  I want to share with you a few places I go to every morning to warm up, get inspiration and set myself up for a productive day.  I don’t know about you but I find being surrounded by people and creativity to be a real kick up the bum.  Unfortunately, I’m not working from a creative studio space (yet) and getting out and about to talk to people every morning would take a huge amount of time and energy, so instead, I load up my favourite blog pages and dive in.

The bloggers I follow are a mix of crafters, interior designers, textile artists and pattern designers/trend spotters.  This combination gives me an insight into various areas where fabric designs, colour and products are used, which has a huge influence on my work + I’m a bit of an interior design voyeur.  I like nothing better than having a snoop around other peoples homes and the fact that I can do this without getting out of my chair is just wonderful.

I’m going to share 3 different blogs with you on each post – I follow loads.  I think this will be enough to give you a sneaky peek without bombarding you.


1.       Design Sponge – www.designsponge.com


This is the first blog I started following.  I’m sure most of you will have heard of or already follow Design Sponge.  They are based in America and write about interiors, crafts, DIY, creative businesses and importantly, women in business.  Their content is always on point, and their photography and style is beautiful.  Their DIYs aren’t ridiculous and the whole blog is written by a group of people who clearly love what they do.  Check it out.


2.      Junkaholique – www.junkaholique.com

This blog makes me want to up sticks and move to the depths of the countryside, somewhere near water, and buy all of the motorhomes I can lay my hands on and fit my sewing machines into.  Artemis Russell is the author and she is a jeweller, crafter, creative mum and all round stylish person whose lifestyle I am envious of.  Am I getting that across? Take a look, her kids are adorable.


3.      Addicted2Decorating – www.addicted2decorating.com

This one is a bit of an acquired taste as it follows a woman in Texas who is an ex interior designer turned DIY blogger.  She is doing up her house almost single handed and although we have very different taste, her ability to tackle huge tasks and learn new skills is admirable.  She has learned to install basic electrics, plasterboard, a whole kitchen and bathroom etc.  She writes detailed explanations of everything she does and I’m in awe.  This one might not be for everyone, as I said, she is creating her own home so it is all about her individual taste and ability to tackle projects, but man does she make me feel like I can do anything!

So, there we have the first of these blogs about blogs.  Let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more.